Voice of the Soul

08 October 2007 |

I saw them burning, homes and dreams
No one heard the Balkan's scream.
Kosovo burned, Belgrade bombed,
They made a mock of the Balkan soul.

They gave a damn to the human soul,
They wanted their own faith to win.
Their faith of God, made them kill,
In the name of God, the world still burns.

There is no God or any Devil,
It is the 'holy word,' that kills.
There is no hell or heaven,
If you reckon, eight follows seven.

They still sell you an American dream,
A world where you are always free.
Free to sell and free to buy,
A dream, only the rich can buy.

The human soul is never free,
When money and power is all you seek.
A price for love, a price for life,
You fail to hear the human's cry.

The topless blonde on the billboard smiles
That's "Human Liberty", American style.
Kids are free to carry guns to school,
They kill each other, and say "it’s cool".

They always fight, black or white,
I see them die, I see them cry.
No one cares to see the 'wicked smile',
Of the ones who won the TV rights.

They make you cry for the Kennedy boy,
He was a fool to fly that night.
It is news when the rich man dies,
No one cares when the poor man dies.

World is mad about the 'American dream',
Blood and Money on your TV screens.
Where sex and guns is all you dream,
Where hope and love is never free.

Tanya and I share a happy dream,
Of a world, where we all are free.
Free from hatred and free to live,
To take less than what we Give.