The Chicken Dreams!

28 February 2007 |

Martin Luther King had a dream - a very powerful one. The poor in India has a dream too - to feed their children three meals a day and send them to school to build a better tomorrow.

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Arindham Chaudhuri too has a dream - just that it is all about counting chickens and also eating Biryani.

The Great Indian Dream

- Restoring pride: Alternatives for a journey towards dignity
- Philosophical & economic basis for the India of our dreams
- An employed, well read, Biryani eating & AIDS free India
- Courts which are not on strike
- Igniting the sprit of entrepreneurship & patriotism
- Voting without being embarrassed
- India After 25 Years: A Vision
How does he plan to achieve this? Through something called Happy Capitalism.

There is a visual difference from that of a stereo-type Indian pseudo-intellect - also sometimes referred as Spiritual Guru; Arindham is not someone in saffron robe, or with a long beard... But he talks about the holy Gita like all the other fake gurus.

Arindham is a smart dude; he knows that the pseudo-spiritual crap and patriotic farts sell with Indians and the Non-Resident Indians.

What has Gita got to do with the Chicken or the Biryani? And when did Biryani become manna to Indians?

Isn't it amazing that 60 years after independence... not only from the Poms but also from Feudalism, Indians have developed a culture of ignoring the past as they ride into a market-driven future?

If India is shining today, it is because Government of India 'invested' in the middle class and poor in India, by giving people a job in public sector companies. By over-staffing these companies, the government did end up creating loss-making public giants... But, then, it was also a means to redistribute wealth and give the poor Indians a chance to succeed in the coming years.

If India didn't take such a route and had embraced 'Happy Capitalism', we would have ended up being another Banana republic. The government of India invested in its people for 45 years - through subsidised education, health care, public transport, fuel etc...

Imagine we had embraced some sort of "happy capitalism" in 1947. Do you think the then rich and powerful businessmen and families in India would have helped the poor to get educated and come up in life? Do you think the rich would have invested in the poor? They would have been more than happy to loot the country and take it to the Swiss banks and pay for their playboy lifestyle.

It is not that India has achieved nirvana. Millions and millions of Indians struggle for a single meal, even today. A vast number of Indians are illiterate, especially the people in the cow-belt of India. They have been denied a chance to get educated and make 'middle class choices between Coke and Pepsi', simply because they have had no chance to get out of the treacherous poverty and famine.

Why dream of making India Aids free? Are we dreaming of a free-bonking Indian society?
Many Indians don't have access to proper health care - may it be treating diseases like Tuberculosis for which there is proven treatment and cure. Many millions are going to die simply because they cannot afford medicine - even for something like a fever.

It is another matter that I don't agree with the Congress or the Nehru family. The government of India and the public service departments have done a good job - but clearly not enough.

To expect the profiteers to help the poor to get out of the hole is a bit too far-fetched. It is the rich and the powerful who talk about this wonderful western concept "Survival of the fittest". What people don't say is "where"?

Imagine a world where the stock markets have crashed, currency has lost its value... and if you have to plough the land to feed your children, how many of the rich fat cats of India are fit enough to survive for 2 days in the harsh sun?

Today it is a rich man, who is fit enough to survive in the market. Agreed.
The ones who dare to condemn the poor by painting them with the "survival of the fittest" brush, better be beware of what they say. The world is not always a big market.

Don't we all like the idea of Justice? How come some of us don't like the idea of Social Justice?

People like Arindham Choudhury can count the chickens before they hatch. Just that they should try to find out who owns the eggs.