Fighting Hepatitis C

19 March 2006 |

Cuba’s Engineers New Treatment Against Hepatitis C

Havana, March 14 (CNA) The Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) has developed a treatment –produced with Cuban technology– to combat the hepatitis C virus. In the long run this portends to lead to the healing all liver illnesses.

The product originates from a combination of two medications which are also the results of Cuban genetic engineering: Alfa 2B interferon and Rivavirina.

According to Dr. Hugo Nodarse, Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cuban patients can now count on an alternative for increasing their chances to control liver disorders.

By combining these two formulas, the therapeutic response from patients suffering from chronic hepatitis is enhanced, said the scientist.

Although the therapy focuses on removing the Hepatitis C virus from blood circulation, it involves the long term target of curing all kinds of liver disorders and normalizing liver enzymes, said Nodarse.

The Cuban expert said that the compound has been manufactured based on the highest standards available, abiding by guidelines set by the National Regulatory Agency and with the participation of 25 clinics throughout the country.

This nationwide effort, said the scientist, gives the research program a national character and the assurance that all patients who have been diagnosed with this disease can have access to this significant alternative therapy.

The clinical tests of this effective product were carried out at the National Institute of Gastroenterology.